We strictly adhere to CDC sanitization guidelines as your health and safety are our highest priority.

Home Protection

As a Christian business, we believe it is our obligation to do all we can, and not just what is legally required, to limit any risks to you, the customer.

Our efforts begin with hiring. Each employee is thoroughly screened, including a drug and alcohol test. During training, our employees are reminded that they are guests in your home and must respect your privacy and property. Access is limited to our employees only. Any keys in our possession are numbered only and kept in a locked box. Doors are kept locked while we are working. No one without a key or your expressed permission is allowed to enter your home.

The Master’s Helping Hands, Inc. removes any doubt that you might be an employer. We have business licenses for both Fresno and Clovis. We have Federal and State employer identification numbers. All our employees must verify their right to work in this country. We pay all employer taxes as well as any withholding and matching funds.

Our Workers Compensation Insurance policy protects you in the event one of our employees is injured on your premises. Our coverage assures proper treatment for the injured worker and protects you from any personal injury claim.

We have a company bond in case of theft. However, a bond does not provide the automatic coverage generally believed. In order for a customer to receive reimbursement from a bond for a loss, there must be a police report, an arrest, and a conviction of the thief – not an easy feat in house cleaning. Therefore, we have our own zero-tolerance policy. Once a loss is reported, we thoroughly investigate and try to isolate the date and/or time of occurrence. We then arrange for polygraph tests for all employees who were in the home during that period. It is important that we eliminate our employees from consideration.

We have an equally aggressive approach to any breakage and damage. Our training program is aimed at prevention, instructing our employees in the correct handling of your property and use of supplies and equipment. If something should happen, the employee must tell you or leave a note apologizing and explaining what happened. Then he or she must immediately notify the Customer Satisfaction Advocate, Susie Leal, who will handle it from there. Susie will contact you and work through the situation until satisfactorily resolved. Since our insurance is primary, larger claims are referred to our insurance company. There is no need for you to file a claim with your insurance company.

Please contact us for written verification of our insurance.