We strictly adhere to CDC sanitization guidelines as your health and safety are our highest priority.

Home Protection FAQs

Companies with liability insurance that is primary would file any customer claim with their company carrier first. Some cleaners have insurance that is secondary to your own policy. In that case, you would need to first file a claim with your own insurance company. Our insurance coverage is before yours.

No. We are in your home to clean. We do not use your property without your permission.

All keys in our possession are numbered only. There is no name or address. It takes a master sheet to know what number key goes to which house.

No. We do not use your telephone. Any communication is done by company radio.

Our employees wear a uniform of blue slacks and white shirt with the company logo and employee’s name. They arrive at your home in a blue or white truck with a white utility shell bearing the company name.

You may do whatever you normally would. Our employees will do the same job whether or not you are home.

Our employees are instructed to keep your doors locked and to admit no one who does not already have a key.