We strictly adhere to CDC sanitization guidelines as your health and safety are our highest priority.

Company FAQs

The Master is the Lord Jesus Christ. The name reflects our company’s Christian principles.

No. We serve people of all faiths, races, and nationalities.

We do not inquire about the religious affiliation of employees. Attitude and willingness to learn is what’s important.

We guarantee to do all work as agreed. If you are not happy, we will come back and do our best to correct the problem.

Yes, but the person must not smell of nicotine and must be able to work an entire day without smoking.

Cleaning backgrounds vary. The only experience relevant to the work we do is the training we provide.

The structured training program consists of videos, one-to-one instruction, and frequent evaluations. Employees are taught company policies, cleaning procedures, and the proper use of supplies and equipment.

We will gladly clean any room(s) you wish. We also can rotate the cleaning of different areas

Yes. Each employee must be able to read, write and speak English.

We still have our original customers. Sixty percent of our customers have been with us five years or more.

No. Each person provides his or her own drinks and meals. They are not allowed to consume any of your food or drinks without your permission.

We work in teams of two or three people. We try to send at least one person each time who has cleaned your home before.

No. Each employee is trained how to perform all house and window cleaning tasks.

The majority of individuals and businesses that clean do surface cleaning. We take the time to do the details.

Customers select a day and frequency that they can mark on their calendars (i.e., every-other-Thursday, third Wednesday of the month, etc.) Reminder telephone calls and approximate arrival times can be arranged.