We strictly adhere to CDC sanitization guidelines as your health and safety are our highest priority.

Cleaning Question FAQs

The biggest complaint about housecleaners is that they do great at first and then they let up. To maintain our quality, we have a Customer Satisfaction Advocate (CSA) who periodically checks each job and talks with the customer about the cleaning.

We normally bring our own products. Upon request we will use a customer’s products, but cannot guarantee the result.

Edging is vacumming along baseboards, coving, and the juncture where ceiling and walls meet (places preferred by spiders). Regular vacuuming removes eggs and discourages spiders.

We vacuum them as instructed or during deep cleaning.

We do not remove blinds. We clean them while they are hanging.

Yes, regularly. We move smaller pieces each time we vacuum. We move heavier pieces when we deep clean, unless the piece is too heavy (pianos, waterbeds) or unsafe (china cabinets and book cases).

In order to maintain a home at a constant level of cleanliness, we rotate the deep cleaning of certain items (moving large pieces of furniture, cleaning high areas, vacuuming drapes, etc.). A different area is focused on during each cleaning.

We have extension poles and several size ladders and will clean as high as safely possible.

We do not clean inside cabinets, drawers, etc. without your permission.

First we vacuum thoroughly, then we mop.

The grey bucket is for the cleaning product and the white one is for clean rinse water.

No, it can be all or part of a house, selected rooms or tasks.

We do not clean up after animals – their food or litter. Non-threatening animals may be present during cleaning.

No, we are not housekeepers or maids. We do housecleaning only.

No, just vacuum it.

Yes. We will not ask our employees to do any job that is unhealthy, unsafe, or something we would not do ourselves.

If your cleaning falls on a holiday, we would consult with you about an alternate day and time.

Yes. Inside refrigerators and ovens are extra jobs, like cleaning walls, that are done by estimate or on an hourly basis. We do not clean self-cleaning ovens.