We strictly adhere to CDC sanitization guidelines as your health and safety are our highest priority.


The Master’s Helping Hands, Inc. is primarily a residential housecleaning service in the Fresno-Clovis area – homes in which people are, will be, and were living. This can include model homes, construction cleanup, and even some offices.

The basis of our housecleaning is the room. Cleaning begins at the top with lights and vents. Edging is next – vacuuming along baseboards, coving, and the junctures where ceiling and walls meet (places preferred by spiders). In bathrooms and kitchens, the more difficult chores such as stoves, showers, tubs, and toilets are done next. Then comes the cleaning of window coverings, decorative items, counters, and furniture as the employee proceeds around the room. Last is the floor as the person cleans his or her way out of the room.

Our typical housecleaning is more thorough than other cleaning companies. Employees are also trained in a variety of special tasks like washing walls and waxing floors. Our maintenance plan includes rotating the “deep cleaning” of designated areas. The amount and depth of the housecleaning can be adjusted to comply with a customer’s needs, desires, and budget.