We strictly adhere to CDC sanitization guidelines as your health and safety are our highest priority.

Pricing FAQs

Being a Christian business does not mean we are a non-profit charity. We must comply with all legal requirements as a business and an employer.

We offer discounts to select groups and clients referred by our customers. (See Gift Certificates/Discounts).

Yes. We charge for travel outside of the Fresno-Clovis area.

Our employees are paid by check with all necessary deductions.

Our employees are paid from the morning clock-in at the office to the end of the workday, including travel time and breaks.

For safety reasons, we prefer that our employees not handle cash. Payment should be made by check in the name of the company.

Yes, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Tipping is not necessary. However, during the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season, many customers prefer to show their appreciation by contributing to our Employee Holiday Fund that is proportionally divided among those employees that have cleaned for them during the year.

It depends. The number of rooms in a home is definitely a factor. However, decorations, usage, animals, children, and housecleaning frequency are equally important in determining the time (and cost) of each housecleaning.